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I have provided music, performing arts, drawing, design and film/animation workshops in both lead and support positions for a variety of organisations, events and individuals across audiences of all ages, abilities and diversities.

These workshops aim to promote wellbeing, teach and develop creative skills, provide safe environments to try lesser-known-about and unique mediums and activities, and to introduce more modern, niche/specialist experiences to those who may not have the opportunity to otherwise.

 If you have a project or workshop in mind, or need an artist to fascilitate, don't hesitate to get in touch! 

 Some of the organisations and projects I've been a part of include: 

Arts and Music Workshops
For a variety of ages - from young people to over 50s - with various abilities, special needs, and accessibility requirements

I've supported a variety of projects within darts, such as Creative Directions Sounds, Creative Directions Edlington, Art Club, First Verse, Breathe & Connect and Dance On. I've also led workshops in First Verse and Creative Directions Edlington, and continue to work alongisde and support other talented artists to provide accessible experiences through darts' community projects. 


Animation and Film Workshops
An introduction to drawing, animation, greenscreen and home-film making in schools (KS3)

Through the Speak Up campaign I've gone into schools around Doncaster and surrounding areas to deliver workshops introducing animation, the process of putting a film or animation together, and allowing young people of various abilities to experiment with greenscreen, visual effects and creative arts.


Art & Animation Workshops
Delivering presentations and activities for character design, animation and general drawing to college students

I've been invited back to my old college to provide talks (online and in person) and deliver presentations on different aspects of my practices, animation, character design and drawing to Fine Art students. I've also taken in resources for students to use, such as anatomy and figure-drawing reference books, examples of my own work, and set tasks and activities with great engagement and having students and staff alike come back with feedback on how I'd managed to help them with their projects.


Workshop Prep & Production
Props, set-up and presentation for a workshop to businesses, company reps and officials

As preparation for a workshop aimed at officials, company reps and business owners, I worked with the workshop fascilitator to produce fully illustrated, printed activity cards, a presentation structure for the event to fit in with organisational branding, and event maps to visualise the progress of the workshop and gather feedback.


Arts & Crafts Workshops
Drawing and mark-making workshops for young mums (aged 18 to 25) and their babies

For the Sparking Wonder, Making Connections campaign with Clifton Park Museum, I provided drawing and mark-making workshops for young mums and their babies; creating a welcome space to experiment with arts and crafts, introduce the mums and their babies to accessible hobbies, and create connections to other similarly-experienced individuals.


Arts and Crafts Workshops
Easter craft activites for young people to promote the arts, advertise the venue and fundraise for the organisation

During my time on the Children's Capital of Culture traineeship, stationed at Magna Science Adventure Centre, I helped in establishing, preparing resources for, organising, advertising and leading themed craft workshops to promote the venue, increase visitor numbers and create fundraising opportunities. 

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